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June 13, 2012
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Name : Aurore Lockwood
Nicknames : /
Age : 20
D.O.B : June 23rd, 1898
Place of Birth : East City, Amestris
Residence : East City, Amestris
Ocupation : Servicewoman ( Corporal ) / Singer in a café with live music
Education : Military Academy of Amestris


Height : 1.62m / 5'3"
Hair : Chestnut hair, long and straight. It gets wavy in the rain.
Eyes : Blue-gray
Skin : Pale
Body type : Rounded curves, wide hips and butt. Broad shoulders with rather muscular arms and legs.
Style : Simple and feminine.Sometimes sportly. She likes to wear dresses when she isn't at work, where she is forced to wear her military uniform. She almost never wears make-up except during weekend evenings, when she works at the café.


- Father (deceased) : Edgar Lockwood  ( 1875 - 1907 )
- Mother (deceased) : Elise Lockwood  ( 1876 - 1907 )
- Brother : Aloïs Lockwood  ( 1900 )
- Sister : Mathilde Lockwood  ( 1900 )
- Sister : Nora Lockwood  ( 1901 )
- Paternal Aunt : Amy Lockwood  ( 1879 )
- Adoptive father : Lowell Saddler  ( 1869 )
- Adoptive mother : Ludmilla Saddler  ( 1871 )
- Brother by adoption : Neil Saddler  ( 1901 )
- Sister by adoption : Willow Saddler  ( 1898 )


Aurore is a hard-to-identify young woman with a complex personality. At work she is cold with strangers, but conversely, she is warm and gentle with her friends, despite the fact that she has a very secret side.
One could find her behavior paradoxical: sometimes cheerful and friendly, sometimes angry and withdrawn. She has a bipolar personality. She does her best to control her emotions, whatever her situation and whoever she meets. But she only rarely succeeds, and she becomes easily angered. She is ashamed of her irascible side and does everything possible to stop it. However, she hasn't always been like this: as a child, she was much more balanced - It's since her teens that the problem of her "split personality" has developed.

Her transient depressions are due to the void she feels when she thinks about the loss of her parents or the absence of her brothers and sisters. Anxious to not cause concern, she tries to isolate herself during such moments. She would like to have someone around when she passes through such a cycle, but can't find the courage to confide in another person.

But this is only one facet of her personality. Generally, she's a cheerful young woman who loves to tease. Even if she's very secretive, she's full of affection for her friends, and their happiness is her priority. Loyal and faithful, she will never betray those who rely on her.

Likes :

- Cretan food : A flavor of her childhood, which reminds her of her grandmother preparing traditional dishes from Creta...
- Women's clothes : When she was a child, she could be a little tomboy. Since joining the military, however, the uniforms give her a taste for this little pleasure.
- Learning different languages : Accustomed since childhood to living between two languages – Cretan and Amestrian – she developed a passion for them. This passion is only increased by the fact that she is a singer, and loves the unknown sounds.
- Being in the family bar : The café where she sings, which is owned by her adoptive parents, is a friendly place that feels familiar to her. She has developed a great bond with this place, which is like a second home...
- Drinking tea : No matter where it comes from, she likes what is exotic and what allows her to travel without moving! She especially likes Xingese tea, known for its sweet fragrance. A little greedy, she never says no to a little sweet accompaniment with the tea!
- Archaeology and astronomy : She holds these passions dear to her, just like her parents did. She reads a lot of books about them and collects a few fossils, some of which she has had since her childhood. While she dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, the unhappiness she experienced after her parents' death completely pushed her away from this topic.

Dislikes :

- Being inferior to men : She hates macho men. Taking into account that she's in the army, it's boring to her. Her strong character allows her to at least keep her head up against them.
- "Stupid" people : Holding a conversation with someone without any culture is very irritating to her.
- Disrespect and rudeness : Is it that complicated to just say "Hello," "thank you," or "goodbye" ?
- Spelling mistakes : A true obsession – Reading a manuscript containing mistakes is real torture for her!
- Liars and hypocrites : She prefer to hear the truth – even if it makes her suffer – rather than believe a lie.
- Geese : How she hates those noisy animals !

Fears :

Being unnecessary and/or ignored – her biggest fear. She constantly fears being rejected and being alone, with no one to listen her.
Failure: She loves success, and failure scares her.
Being caged: She can't stand to be locked in one place for too long; she loves freedom.


Writing and singing songs
Meeting her friends
Reading books of various genres
Lazing; being calm in nature


This may seem totally trivial or slightly childish, but her dream is modest: simply to start a family with whom she can live happily. No doubt this powerful desire is there because she was snatched too quickly from the arms of her parents.
Another of her dreams is to see her siblings again, whom she hasn't seen for years.

Flaws :

- She is sometimes irascible - Better not be in her way when she's angry!
- Antisocial. It takes a lot of effort for her to behave nicely with someone.
- She is introverted and hides most of her feelings.
- She is incredibly stubborn when she has something in mind.
- She has confidence in a few people, but never completely.
- Whimsical. Her behavior may vary from minute to minute.


• Independent
- Being alone to care for a house, cook or move isn't a problem for her.
• Gifted with firearms
- She's a good shooter, especially with a rifle in her hands.
• Composing songs
- She discovered her talent with lyrics and melodies almost by chance.

Fun facts:

- She is 50% Amestrian and 50% Cretan.
- She often burns what she is cooking.
- She has already been pursued by a goose - It's probably where she gets her dislike for these animals.
- Adoring sleep, all her weekends start with a lazy morning.
- She always has a book with notes on her to write ideas that come.
- Makeup makes her tear up.


Aurore was born June 23rd, 1898 in East City, the first child of Edgar and Elise Lockwood.
Her cadets Aloïs and Mathilde – fraternal twins – were born in 1900, followed a year later by the youngest of the siblings, Nora.
The children grow up in a house in a quiet suburb of East City. Aurore has a happy life, despite her parents' constant traveling – an archaeologist couple united by their passion for their craft. During these periods, she is given to her aunt Amy, a member of the military at the service of East HQ.
However, her aunt is herself held very busy at work. Thus, Aurore acquires maturity and a sense of responsibility by taking charge of her siblings in the evening after school.

In 1907, despite the civil war still raging in Ishbal, her parents decide to take a trip right in the heart of the fighting, in order to conduct extensive research before everything is destroyed. Ishbalans discovered them in the middle of the excavations; they are both killed.
Their aunt doesn't have the means to keep them and their grandparents are also unfit to care for young children, so the siblings are then assigned to an orphanage.
It is a terrible shock for the little girl, who loses all perspective.
Anxious about her own future but also that of the only family she has left, she feels responsible for her siblings, and begins to over-protect them.
Her greatest fear is being separated from them. It's also at this time that she develops uncontrollable temper tantrums: screaming and crying spells that she goes into to scare couples who want to adopt them.
At school, it's the same scenario – The children are fleeing from her as a result of her brawler behavior, and the orphanage is forced to find her a personal tutor.

In 1911, the young girl finds herself alone in the orphanage of East City. Her siblings have been forcibly removed from her and sent to a foster family for their so-called "security." Indeed, officials at the orphanage consider Aurore "dangerous" due to her seizures.
She then cuts herself off from the world and refuses to eat for weeks, despite visits to her aunt who tries to resonate with her. She is left with nothing…only a deep regret and hatred towards the world.

In 1912, at age 14, she spends her days sitting near and looking through the window of her room, with the military barracks located just 200 meters away. The noise of the firing range become familiar for her, and her desire for freedom leads her to run away to get a closer look at these soldiers. Sometimes she sees her aunt during her training. Seeing her like that, the military then becomes a figure of safety and courage for her.

A year later, Aurore is adopted by Lowell and Ludmilla Sadler. The girl stops rebelling. She is determined to change: her aunt becomes a real role model, and she wants to be like her.
For three years, she spends her days practicing to realize her new dream: to enter the military academy. She also learns to use a rifle with the help of Lowell, her adoptive father, a follower of rifle shooting.
Her parents direct a café-concert, which is when she discovers a passion for singing and music. She never misses the musical evenings of Saturday night, and doesn't hesitate to take a role on stage.
Finally, she graduates with her degree at the close of her time at the military academy, and is registered in the army. Pleased with this success and the thought of taking her independence, she rents a small apartment a few blocks from the café with her new salary. She quickly becomes a corporal in the army –a small rank, but one that means a lot for a woman of her age.
However, she is still torn by the loss of Mathilde, Aloïs and Nora – her siblings –and she both worries for them and wonders lots of questions about them. But she is determined to recover them one day, and she doesn't lose hope.
I...have...finished !! :dummy:

Special thanks to :iconake29: and :iconpharaoh-shadow: for their help ! ;u;

For the group :iconfullmetal-oc-academy:.
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Ade-AndaRio Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
As promised: here is my review!

First of all, I was surprised by the similarities she has with Lika, as she usually doesn't wears makeup, most of their dislikes (like being inferior to a man), or as she loves astronomy. Even is curious look like their uncles are an important figures in their lives (Lika's maternal uncle and Aurore paternal's aunt, respectively).

Otherwise, since Nova shares a similar opinion to mine, I can only add this: you should specify more about Aurore's decision to join the army. Think it's a difficult decision, then if she tries to imitate her aunt is a good reason, but not enough: Aurore should have very strong ideals and a fighting spirit. Think she should be aware that in the academy she is being prepared and trained to fight and even kill, so if she doesn't have a strong determination and a strong goal she will not fit in the army.
Then you should tell us more about it: what is her purpose as a soldier?

Otherwise, I can only say that I think you're developing an awesome OC.
Pure-Ivory Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student General Artist
First of all, thank you for this review ! :love:

Oh really ? I didn't know most of these points ! To be honest, I added a bit of my thinking in this character (not completely of course) and I remember we had already discussed a similar topic together, we must have a somewhat similar thinking, maybe.

I completely agree with all of these advices, I am currently working on it. Aurore has a combative nature even if it happens to have the blues, like everyone else, and she's also very attached to her siblings, so I think it would be nice to develop in the way where she joins the army for trace them. But I don't know if it would be reason enough ? I think also she loves protect people, and she sees in the army a protective figure.

And again, thank you, I'll do my best for improve Aurore !
Ade-AndaRio Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
quote: I think also she loves protect people, and she sees in the army a protective figure.

Protecting people is a very good reason to go into the army.

I also wanted to told you about one important thing in Aurore's info and is about something that makes your OC more original against other OCs that are paired with Ed. It's a very simple thing, may it be silly, but nobody usually makes your OC older than Ed. Generally OCs are more younger or have the same age than him, but Aurore is older than him. Perhaps, instead of a year older she should be two years, because that would give her more freedom in her history (when Ed was 16 years old she already have 18 and she could be enough old for working or to join in the army). In addition, if in a relationship men can be much older than a woman (even ten years older than her) I don't see what's wrong with a woman will be much older than a man, didn't you?
Pure-Ivory Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm yes, that's a good idea I think, I agree with you ! But can I still change her date of birth ? ^^;
It sure that would make Aurore more original and as you said, it opens up more possibilities. If it's still possible to change her birthday, I should only have to change a few dates in her history and I think it will be good.
Like always, thank you very much for all your precious advices.
Ade-AndaRio Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Sure you can. Whenever you could change anything about your OC if you like. There is no "law" which prohibits you do so. In fact, even some of the co-founders of the club OC Academy have changed some important things of our OCs (=Mari-Rose changed Midori's last name, *NoVaNoah and I changed the hair's color of Mira and Lika...). If the change will help improve your OC everyone will approve it.
You're welcome dear. I will help you always that I can do so.
Pure-Ivory Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Fine, so I'll change that when I'll write Aurore's profile for the sophomore grade ! I thought about this and what age change can probably open more opportunities for the meeting between Aurore and Edward but I still have to work on it. :3
Transgenic-Monoe Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
1m62 ? J'aurais pensť plus OAO /PAN/

Mais j'adore *w*

Bravo tokow !! *contente de pouvoir lire l'anglais plus facilement, de ton imagination et de ton dessin *A**
Pure-Ivory Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm c'est vrai qu'elle fait plus grande parfois... xD

Si tu as quelques trucs que tu comprend pas, je crois que j'ai toujours la version française tu sais ! :heart:
Niutellat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow o_o xD
Pure-Ivory Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student General Artist
xDD C'est pour le club ! On est obligé de poster ça pour pouvoir poster nos dessins dedans. :')
J'ai modifié l'histoire certes, mais Aurore a toujours un frère et une soeur qui sont de faux-jumeaux et une petit soeur ! :')
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